About Us

Lite the Nite LED’s has become one of the fastest growing LED light companies on the Market. Our customer service, advance installation techniques, and superior products can accredit our rapid growth. Word of mouth has also been a key factor to our quick notoriety and a true gauge of our customer satisfaction. We truly appreciate our customers and thank every one of them for their part in our growth.

Lite the Nite LED’s started with one simple goal…"BE THE BEST". We light motorcycles in ways that’s amazing to both the fans of motorcycle industry and seasoned riders. Our plan is not complex; we are not a company providing cheap short life LED’s at cheap prices. Instead we are providing high quality lighting at affordable prices. We stand by our product…to put it plain and simple: our best and the brightest Plug and Play lights have a LIFETIME warranty.

We value our products and our customers, their satisfaction is very important to us.


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