Terms and Conditions

Lite the Night LED lights lifetime warranty is available to the original customer who purchases Lite the Night products from an authorized dealer or directly from Lite the Night.  The original sales receipt must be presented.  This warranty is void in the absence of the original sales receipt from an authorized Lite the Night dealer or directly from Lite the Night.

This warranty does not cover reimbursement or any compensation for installation/labor or any additional charges to replace the defective product.

Plug and Play
Plug and play LED light strips have a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. The warranty becomes void in the event that the original owner no longer possesses Lite the Night LED’s or the property containing Lite the Night LED’s.  This warranty does cover any defects in material or workmanship that causes any of the LED’s failure to work. This warranty does not cover any damage to the LED light bulbs, connectors, or the strips as a result of improper installation, handling, improper use, or abuse as determined by Lite the Night LED’s.  Cutting the strips into smaller pieces only voids the warranty if the product is not cut on the lines where indicated with the scissors.  This warranty is not transferable.  

Multi-zone and Single zone remote control
All multi-zone and single remote control units have a one year limited warranty.  This warranty is valid only for the original owner with the original receipt from Lite the Night LED’s or a Lite the Night authorized dealer. This warranty excludes batteries.


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